Sunday, January 18, 2009


Time draws near. There is this undeniable excitement that is brewing inside, like a pot of coffee the scent bitter yet in this time I smell nothing but the sweetness in the air. Though the dark clouds are ruining my day. The song keeps playing, skip this town for a little while, and off I am eloping with myself.

So there will be more time alone, with me and you and the words that's swimming inside of me. Bubbling up and bursting into songs of the seasons and at times singing out loud, sometimes with strength and courage, while other times in melancholy and romanticism. Most times with sacarsm and dry wit. Skip this town for a little while, and I wander and wonder if you will ever follow.

So I am leaving, it's an elopement. Of plain craziness and spotaniousity. So much spinning around me but I am in so much joy and faith. Until I see you again, until I see you again. Skip this town for a little while.


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