Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Revenge of the bitten person

It was a typical good night. I was online and chatting. I was actually having a good time and he said "good night," and I bid goodbye. Then, out of the corner of my eye. There was this red and black little thing wiggling on my right hand, just slightly above my elbow.

*SHOCK* that's the evil bug that pee poison on people and make your hand get very bad infection!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH~~~ CRAP. And its butt was so close to my skin, I could practically see myself getting victimized by the butt of the bug. My mouth is fighting back a bad cursing word while the quickness of my finger ticked the bug off from my hand. But it was all too late. The harm was already done. Now there is this little bump on my hand that is waiting to swell and start producing some kind of bad painful blister.

Sucks. Every moment that I know this bug of the ultimate evil still roam in my room sucks. But my live is more important so I flip-flopped to the washroom and applied a big bloop of body shampoo and started scrubbing the bump area franticly and washed off the soap.

Still sucks. It is still alive somewhere. But one thought of grace and mercy passed my mind, I actually thought of letting it live and not hunting it down...it's probably because I was already tired by then. So I turned off the laptop and went to bed.

May all curses and dissentment fall on that evil little creature with a mind full of malicious intentions and body filled with gooey poisonous fluid and may it die in such misery that no bug can imagine or comprehend and its corpse no where to rest and rot in my hearty revenge. There it was ON MY BED. Looks like that thing really wanted to ruin my Chinese New Year.

I am not somebody to be messed with, bug. My right hand took hold of the closest thing in my reach that will bring death to the bug - my chinese version hard cover bible. And my heart filled with anger of its determined intentions and squash! The poisonous fluid was spilled over the sides of my bible. But that thing was still wiggling with life.

Its butt stucked to the fabricated skin of the cover and its body was moving in such way that angered me more. I took it to daddy to make sure that it is a poisonous bug and the verdict was there. Guilty as charged. Stupid bug. So I plugged in the vermin electricutor and took a pencil and poked it to the bug. The sticky butt of the bug was stuck to the pencil.

I bet it could see revenge in my eyes. The end of the pencil got nearer and nearer to the blue light and to the wires that is flowing with furious electric waves. So I gave it a last wiggle and the bug was stucked between two electric wires. I turned away to switch on my computer to write about its painful death and my sweet revenge. After a while, there was a burnt smell coming from the electricutor and I know it is done.

Don't you dare mess with me, bug, don't you dare.


PianoBoy said...

Eva, too much for the bug liao lah.
thought sometimes I did the same way also. :-P

Eva said...

Haha...beh tong, if it decided to kiss my face, then my Chinese New Year go down the drain liao..it's a you-die-i-live situation.


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