Sunday, January 11, 2009


I had learned to grow blind on things around me. Things I should not see. Like how he is making a dump and pulling her in. And how best friends are turning strange. And how that little girl is getting neglected. Probably that lady who is worried about her son too. And the people and things around you that drives you to think how foolish people live to be.

Why is he digging deep? Knowing these are plainly out of his selfish desires. Indeed no one can in anyway budge into his personal matters. And she is just running along with him. If Jane Austen is alive she would probably write about them in such ways as an example of social norm. A man with more flesh than brains, very much lack of good will and honorable intentions; and the woman foolish, with no indications in anyway whatsoever to protect her virtues, chastity and good name.

Nonetheless, ignorant and foolishness cannot be compared to cruelty and rudeness. With so much beautiful things being said, nothing is forever, isn't it true? Just as long as it disappears in a sweeter way, nothing can be of harm. Only people - the ladies especially, with no offence to my own gender - seems to have problems maintaining healthy lasting relationships. Rumours tends to come in between, and what more about womenly instinct which most of the time only happens to be inpractical assumption and in more unpleasant word, I would call it insultations. However, I am in no place to judge other's behaviour, who am I anyway? Just an incy wincy blogger who has just a little too much to say.

Oh and that young lady, yes... She is just so small. Not very well practiced in the ways of the world neither intelligent nor blooming in confidence. No one probably has told her how beautiful she is as herself and how wonderful a person she can be as she grows up. Anyhow, what more can anybody do, after all, no one cares enough to take up the burden of bringing up a bright charitable young lady, no one who fits anyway. Of course, it depends heavily on the person herself to know where to pick her role model. And she did, one who is giggly and girly, somewhat vain and not too bright. These things, we have nothing to do with, only for the society to slowly eliminate those inappropriate to survive. Unless you are able and willing to do the honor of raising some other people's child.

Well, I learn to grow blind, partially at least, just enough to abstain from inserting myself into other people's matters. All calamities and diseases of human defect, none of which I have the super ability to stop, though I may very well cushion the effect for these people, but I refuse to. Just like the cycle of economics and other things that are of the poor results of human nature, I choose to sit the best position and make the best out of the situations that I am in. A hermit, that's who I am.


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