Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Looking back at the things that we did, we heard, we favour, we hate, we were once crazy about, I do realise that we live up in a pattern. And it hurts to think that myself, is too bound by a pattern, some pattern of other people's life. Yes, it is rude to label people like items, but the truth is, I think we all can be labelled, like how we react in situations. No matter how much we would like to deny, history does repeat itself, and in human, the time period of history isn't really that long, sometimes, it's just months away.

So it offends me and hurts me to know that I can be fitted into a pattern of someone else's. I do not believe in coincidences. It doesn't need a genius to tell you we are similar. She did that, so did I. She was that, and so am I. In the surface, I cannot deny the things that I do and whoever I am. So I hate it to my bones that what I do and who I am hunts me back. I am vain, I want to be an individual, up till now, I still believe with my heart and soul that I am an individual. God created me not to fit into some other people's mold. I am made for His mold, and in my life, may He refine me and try me to make me fit better.

For once I ask, do not label me, judge me, or try to fit me in the patterns of people who had been there before me. Don't like me because I am like a certain he or she, and at your mercy, don't hate me for being like someone else. I have my own identity, though I may seem the same on the outside, I would appreciate if you actually try to look within.

Certainly, after this, I am swayed and confused. But off this page and the words, I am sure of myself, who I am, what I do. I still have some growing up to do. =)

With love,

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